Open Letter to The Girlfriends of My Boy friends

We’ve been friends since I cant remember,  years of being together molded our friendship and it feels like no one can bring us down anymore. My boys are one of the best persons in my life. They’ve been with me since the beginning. They’re the ones who hug me whenever tears start to fall. They’re the ones who treat me food whenever I’m broke. The ones who never fail to put a smile on my face. The ones who never want to start a drama, but will eventually make dramas with me when i want to. They’re the ones who make things light whenever a fire starts to burn all of us already. They’re the ones who always got my back, ready to punch whoever that guy’s face that broke my heart. They’re the reason why my parents let me out ’til midnight because they’re sure that my boys won’t let anything harm me. They’re the reason why being single doesn’t suck. The reason why handling boyfriends aren’t that hard anymore. And as much as they are protective of me, and so do I to them.

I hate to see them cry. My boys are like my brothers already. I don’t want anyone hurting them physically or emotionally. No matter how far I am, I would really fly my way to wherever they are and would punch the face of whoever the hell that hurt them. I’m being ridiculous, I know, but I’m serious.

So to the future girlfriend of my boy friends, don’t be afraid. I wont eat you but I assure you, I am protective. Despite that, I know how to welcome people. It may take a while before I finally accept the fact that my baby boys are growing up and eventually, they’ll get into serious relationships, too.

So I ask you to be patient with me, there are times when I want my boys to be with me, without you. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, but there are things that I’m only comfortable sharing when it’s only us.

There are also times when I ask you to come bond with us, so please do come. I may be bitchin at you first but please try to understand that I’m not used to this. It’ll get better as time goes by.

There are times when I’ll ask you to hangout with me, that doesn’t mean I’m gonna do some interrogating stuff, it’s eventually part of it lol but I just want to know you more. To love you like how my boys do. Because what makes them happy, will make me happy, too.

But most especially, respect me. Our friendship. It’s been us since the beginning and welcoming new people is hard, especially for me since I got used to being with them. But that doesn’t mean I wont welcome you anymore. If my boys love you so much, it wont take me forever to accept you. Just please, respect me, respect us.

I get it that you wanna be close with me, to know more things about him. And trust me when I say I want to. But don’t try so hard that it already looks so unnatural. I will adjust myself for you, that’s how I love them. But please learn to wait. I know how much my boys love you, and what they love, will eventually be my love, too.

Lastly, don’t hurt them. I’ve been with them for a long time and it hurts me seeing them in pain. If you don’t love them anymore, then at least give them the explanation they need. Because you don’t know what I can do to ruin your life. Char, but seriously I can do that. 😉 Just love them. And I will support you guys no matter what. 💞


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