You keep me sane. With just a warm hug from you removes all the pain.

It still works that way until now. Though you can no longer give those hugs somehow.

Your feeling fades away like a dust. It feels like it’s never been in the moment.

You proclaimed you loved me so much, how could you lose it that fast?

All the promises and plans. Where did it all go? Is it that foolish so you decided to forget it all?

The pain is excruciating. No words can describe how much it aches.

I lost you and that’s it.

Is it my fault or was it yours?

I want to have someone to blame. I want to remove all this pain.

I have done everything I know and everything that I could to make you stay. But I guess efforts don’t really matter for the heart wants what it wants.

I can’t accept it, yet.

Knowing that I have been on my best, and still wasn’t good enough.

I should have let you go earlier.

So that it doesn’t hurt like this right now.

Maybe this is my entire fault.

Maybe I pushed myself too hard.

Maybe i asked for too much.

Maybe I wasn’t enough.

Did you really even love me?

Because if you did,

you wouldn’t have chosen to hurt me.


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